Month: April 2021

How We Make the Hash in HashBone

What makes HashBone the No. 1 hash-infused pre-rollin California? The hash obviously has a lot to dowith it, and how we make it is key. We use a cold-waterextraction process that produces high-qualitybubble hash without any solvents. Making hash is all about the trichomes, which arethe cannabinoid-rich resin glands on

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Veterans Say Support the Troops with Cannabis

Most everyone believes in supporting the troops, butnot everyone knows the best way to do it. Hollister Biosciences was happy to see veterans groups visit Capitol Hill this past March to offer arecommendation. The men and women who fight for ourcountry want their elected representatives tofight for their right to

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The Virtues of Being a 420 Mentor

“We teachers make the road, others will make the journey,” wrote Victor Hugo. The 19th-century French novelist, best known for writing Les Misérables, might be more appreciated here for being part of the infamous Hashish Eaters Club in Paris. We know he would’ve loved a HashBone, but we also believe he’d

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