What We Do and Why

We’re a dynamic board with a vision to educate and share the wellness benefits of the plant, ensuring care and attention is paramount in providing only the highest quality products and innovation.

What We Do and Why

We’re a dynamic board with a vision to educate and share the wellness benefits of the plant, ensuring care and attention is paramount in providing only the highest quality products and innovation.

Management Team


Founder, CEO & Director

Seasoned business leader with 30+ years of experience. Entrepreneur, CEO, and investor.

As CEO he has led his previous company to be acquired by a publicly traded company. His passion for Medical Cannabis is fuelled by the benefits of cannabis in fighting many diseases.


Founder, Vice President & Director

Amasa is a successful entrepreneur with 22 years of business experience, highly skilled in strategy and market analysis.

Amasa is Hollister’s Production Manager, overseeing current revenue-generating products. She brings experience as a Real Estate Broker, Investor, and US Army Veteran.



Alex has extensive experience serving as an officer and director of publicly listed and privately held companies. He currently serves as President of a diversified, multi-state cannabis company and as President and CEO of a publicly traded global investment company. He began his career in capital markets having spent over a decade at a large financial institution working in both investment banking and sales and trading related capacities. During his career, Alex pivoted away from capital markets for a time as co-founder of an artificial intelligence related tech concern.


CFO and Corporate Secretary

Mr. Balderson is the President of Harmony Corporate Services Ltd. and of Flow Capital Corp. and, private  
consulting companies located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Mr. Balderson has been an officer and director of several TSX Venture Exchange listed companies over the past 12 years. Prior to that he was an investment advisor at Union Securities and Georgia Pacific Securities Corp.



Mr. Zelen has over 21 years of experience in finance, investor relations, and corporate development. He serves as the President of Zelen Consulting Inc. a wholly owned private company involved in investor relations, public relations and strategic marketing for the technology, cannabis, pharmaceutical, mining and oil and gas industries.

Mr. Zelen has served as officer and director of at least 12 publically listed companies over the last 21 years. His business activities within the venture capital arena enabled him to establish a network of accredited investors, angel investors and investment banking contacts throughout North America, Western Europe and Asia.



Mr. Morris is an entrepreneur and capital market executive with over 15 years of experience, raising funds for microcap companies in a number of industries, including pharmaceutical cannabis, resource exploration, blockchain technologies and finance. In addition, Mr. Morris co-created and co-produced Canada’s first nationally syndicated radio show about growth stock opportunities, which was broadcast on 14 of the top-rated news talk stations across Canada. Prior to the capital markets Patrick also has 5 years of experience in wine and spirits importing, sales and portfolio management.

Interested In Joining The Team?

We’re always looking for talented people to join our growing business. Feel free to get in touch if you think you would be an asset.

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