Author: Carl Saling

The Differences Between Hemp & Cannabis

Hemp is a staple of society, having been used by mankind for thousands of years. But, what exactly is hemp, and how does it differ from the kind of cannabis that gets you high? Are hemp CBD oils actually any different in quality?

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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Its Impact on the Cannabis Industry

As the world has grown more educated about COVID-19, it’s become evident why shutdowns are for the best: to make sure a molehill doesn’t turn into a mountain. At Hollister, we’ve always prioritized the health and safety of our products and manufacturing process, but have also now issued guidelines to our employees to ensure a few extra vigilant precautions. Learn more about the changes other cannabis companies are making as well.

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Behind Our Brand: The History of Hollister, CA

Hollister, CA is a Central Coast city, steeped in motorcycle culture and Americana history. It was inspiration for the movie The Wild One, which serves as our inspiration for being a rebel within the cannabis and hemp industry. Learn more about our brand, vision, and why we’re here.

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