The Top 5 Hash-Infused Pre-Rolls in California

According to a recent report about the impact COVID has had on consumer trends, pre-rolls are currently the second most popular cannabis product in the U.S and Canada. In this post, we break down the infused pre-rolls with the most hash in them, that either you as a user should try – or as a buyer, should stock on your shelves!

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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Its Impact on the Cannabis Industry

As the world has grown more educated about COVID-19, it’s become evident why shutdowns are for the best: to make sure a molehill doesn’t turn into a mountain. At Hollister, we’ve always prioritized the health and safety of our products and manufacturing process, but have also now issued guidelines to our employees to ensure a few extra vigilant precautions. Learn more about the changes other cannabis companies are making as well.

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