How We Make the Hash in HashBone

What makes HashBone the No. 1 hash-infused pre-rollin California? The hash obviously has a lot to dowith it, and how we make it is key. We use a cold-waterextraction process that produces high-qualitybubble hash without any solvents.


Making hash is all about the trichomes, which arethe cannabinoid-rich resin glands on cannabis plants.Traditional hash producers used sieves to separatethe trichomes from mature flowers and press themtogether into a dense brick, but extracting the resinglands with cold water is a modern process that startedbecoming popular in the 1990s. By placing the plantsin ice water, the trichomes naturally separate fromthe plant, and filters collect the resin glands, whichare then dried and cured to make bubble hash.

Each handcrafted HashBone contains 25% hash and 75%flower — an optimal ratio for increasingpotency without sacrificing an even burn — but wedon’t use just any hash or flower. Our top-shelf sativa,indica and hybrid strains are locally sourced on theCentral Coast, and we make our hash in-house by ateam trained by Frenchy Cannoli, a famed hashmakerwho mastered his technique in Morocco, India,Nepal and Pakistan.


The HashBone is packed with a full gram of hand-mixedhash and flower rolled in natural chemical-freepaper. Those seeking short-yet-strong sessions cango for the half-gram HashBone Minis, which comefive to a pack, while those who really want to howlwill go for the HashBone Wolfie. This beloved beastfeatures a one-gram pre-roll coated with full-spectrumoil and rolled in even more high-quality hash formaximum flavor and potency.