The Top 5 Hash-Infused Pre-Rolls in California

Looking for the best hash-infused pre-rolls in California? Well… look no further than this blog!

In a market that’s saturated by pre-rolls, finding a quality infused pre-roll can sometimes be a chore. Especially when most pre-rolls claim to be filled with quality flowers, but are really just packed with stems, trim and shake.

In the process of developing our own line of infused pre-rolls, HashBones, we’ve already done most of the searching for you. Read on for our ranking of the top 5 most hash-infused pre-rolls in our golden state.

Hash-infused pre-rolls are AMAZING. Infused pre-rolls are essentially the flower equivalent to dabbing. If you don’t want to take your rig with you everywhere you go, and want to avoid the potential health concerns of vaping, an infused pre-roll is the right choice for you. Hash is also slightly more potent (and less messy) than kief, providing a super smooth, tasty smoke.

Hash, or hashish, provides a truly elevated experience. Interestingly,’s listing of best-selling pre-rolls in California doesn’t include any hash-infused pre-rolls. The only infused pre-roll on the list is Sublime Canna’s Fuzzies, which are infused with hash oil and covered in kief. No actual hash included. Why hash-infused pre-rolls aren’t yet “best sellers”, is beyond us!

Regardless, infused pre-rolls are still in high demand; especially during COVID times. According to another report, pre-rolls are currently the second most popular cannabis product in the U.S and Canada.

This blog is specific to the most hash-infused pre-rolls. By that, we mean the pre-rolls with the highest ratio of hash to flower. (In layman’s terms, the pre-rolls with the most hash inside of them.)

Ready? Here we go:

#1: HashBone

No, we aren’t starting with our own pre-roll just because it’s our product… Our HashBones
actually have the most hash in them!

Made with 75% flower and 25% cold water bubble hash, HashBone tops the list as being the most hash-infused pre-roll in California. Not only does it have the highest ratio, but with each single HashBone weighing a full gram (1G), it includes the most hash by weight (.25G).

A HashBone is a premium pre-roll made with two different strains – one flower, one hash. At Hollister Cannabis Co, we make our cold water bubble hash in-house, without the use of any solvents. Each flower and hash strain is paired based on flavor and terpene profile, for enhanced potency and a consistent, connoisseur smoking experience.

There are currently 8 unique HashBone variations on the market, along with two packs of HashBone Minis.

Note: The only other 1G infused pre-roll we’ve been able to find that compares in size and ratio is the 2018 High Times 3rd Place Naked J. The Naked J seems to have been a one time collaboration… so, while we definitely acknowledge it, we’re not counting it.

Also, Nasha Extracts pre-rolls claim to deliver the highest amount of cold water melt hash possible. But, they don’t list the ratio on their website… so, we’re left to speculate how much that really is.

#2: Lola & Lola (Trance & Transcend)

Lola & Lola’s 3-packs of hash-infused pre-rolls feature a ratio of 75% flower / 25% ice water hash as well. However, each pre-roll is only ~.7G; containing .5G flower and ~.17G hash. Based on that, they’re a close second place.

Lola & Lola pre-rolls are designer blends. Their Trance indica infused pre-rolls blend 4 strains of hash with 4 strains of flower, while their Transcend sativa infused pre-rolls blend 2 strains of hash with 4 strains of flower.

Lola & Lola pre-rolls are available in no-hash blends as well; and overall, cater more to novice smokers than our HashBones. HashBones are made for heavyweight OGs; while Trance and Transcend are sized and formulated for cannabis users who care less about specific strains and flavor, and more about achieving a specific state of mind.

#3: Biscotti Quattro

Biscotti Quattros
 come in a 4-pack of .5G pre-rolls. Each infused pre-roll contains 80% flower and 20% bubble hash, making Biscotti Quattros most comparable to our 5-pack of .5G HashBone Minis.

HashBone Minis are the ideal pre-roll pack for sharing with friends, or for someone who is more of a lightweight and can’t smoke a full HashBone to themselves. Biscotti Quattros are similar in the bouquet being great for sharing, with each pre-roll better sized for someone wanting a small pick me up or to just take a stroll. 

Interestingly, Biscotti Quattros are stronger than their full gram counterpart. Biscotti Singolos are 1G pre-rolls made with 90% flower, 10% bubble hash; tying the #5 hash-infused pre-roll on this list. Biscotti makes their own bubble hash (Resina) using a full-spectrum, solventless technique, similar to Hollister’s. Biscotti white label produces hash for many leading brands as well.

#4: Fun Uncle Super Session

Caliva’s Fun Uncle Super Session
 is a full gram (1G) pre-roll, infused with 85% flower and 15% hash. 

This hybrid pre-roll is packed with potent Fun Uncle (indoor) bud and hash, both made by Caliva. At this ratio of flower to hash, it’s less of a heavyweight experience as our HashBone. A Proper High ranked it as a “comfortable, sensible” high, but it’s still powerful.

Fun Uncle’s Super Session is the only “value” pre-roll on this list, at an average $12/roll. Fun Uncle cannabis products are specifically priced to be affordable – the perfect choice for college students or ballers on a budget! While HashBones are also a great value ($16/roll), they’re still a premium option; made with top-shelf bud from top California greenhouse farms.

#5: Space Coyote

Space Coyote hash joints
 contain 90% flower and 10% hash. Space Coyote sources their hash from Nasha Extracts for an enhanced terpene profile and super smooth smoke.

Space Coyote offers other infused pre-rolls varieties, including live resin and diamonds. Their hash joints are the most infused though, at 10%.

One of the coolest things about Space Coyote pre-rolls is that they don’t just collaborate with farms – they collaborate with artists! Their brand caters to creative folk, with many of their flower and hash pairings providing creative and dreamy effects.

In conclusion, there are an overwhelming number of pre-rolls available for you to choose from. Hopefully this post was helpful in guiding you towards the right hash-infused pre-roll for you !

If you’d like to try one of our HashBones, you can visit our Where to Buy page and search for dispensaries closest to you. Similarly, if you’d like to dive deeper into our variations of HashBone to determine which one may best suit your medical needs, we recommend reading our blog about dominant terpenes and their effects.