The Virtues of Being a 420 Mentor

“We teachers make the road, others will make the journey,” wrote Victor Hugo. The 19th-century French novelist, best known for writing Les Misérables, might be more appreciated here for being part of the infamous Hashish Eaters Club in Paris. We know he would’ve loved a HashBone, but we also believe he’d stress the importance of assisting journeys on the roads we helped blaze.


As you know, Tuesday is 420. For many people, 420 represents their once-a-year flirtation with cannabis or maybe the first time they’re going to try it, and we all know stories about such experiences going awry. A newbie doesn’t feel the effects of an edible and decides to have three more, or maybe an overzealous casual consumer decides to go all out dabbing shatter. These outcomes don’t reflect the wonderful experiences that most of us have come to know. More and more people celebrate 420 each year, but many newcomers lack basic cannabis literacy and might be too proud or too shy to ask basic questions.

This year, we encourage the community to reach out and teach others how to have the most pleasant journey possible. Maybe post a message on social media offering to recommend what to buy, where to buy it, how much to consume and ideal settings for the celebration. Explain the differences between sativa and indica, the delayed effects of edibles and what the various strains may offer. Talk about your favorite pre-rolls or flower brands and definitely suggest delivery platforms to reduce driving risks.


We should want people to have positive cannabis experiences, and 420 is the day when our mentorship and guidance is most needed. As we celebrate our favorite plant, these types of actions show the world just how special our community actually is.