Veterans Say Support the Troops with Cannabis

Most everyone believes in supporting the troops, butnot everyone knows the best way to do it. Hollister Biosciences was happy to see veterans groups visit Capitol Hill this past March to offer arecommendation. The men and women who fight for ourcountry want their elected representatives tofight for their right to access medical cannabis.


In written testimony submitted to the Veterans AffairsCommittees, the Minority Veterans of America(MVA) emphasized the prevalence of post-traumaticstress disorder (PTSD) and added that widespreadstigmatization has led to self-medicating mental healthissues and high rates of alcohol and opioidsubstance-use disorders (SUDs). “Research into cannabisdemonstrates its effectiveness in treating PTSDand SUDs in veteran populations… as well as reducingthe use of opioids and opioid-related deaths,” theMVA wrote. The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America(IAVA) added, “Veterans consistently andpassionately have communicated that cannabis offerseffective help in tackling some of the most pressinginjuries we face when returning from war.”

The veterans groups supported their written testimonywith clinical studies that characterize cannabisas apotential treatment for PTSD, chronic pain, insomniaand other issues. That same week, theJournal ofBasic and Clinical Physiology and Pharmacologyposteda new peer-review analysis of recent cohortstudies, clinical trials and case reports that examinedthe use of cannabinoids for the treatment of patientswith post-traumatic stress disorder.


“The presented studies reveal promising evidence infavor of cannabinoids as a treatment option forindividuals with PTSD,” the researchers found. “CBDand THC have been shown to be effectivetreatments for PTSD symptoms overall, as well as enhancingconsolidation of extinction training used toeliminate conditioned fear…. By treating the fearmemories and aiding with their extinction, it canbepossible to treat the PTSD symptoms at the sourceof the cause.


Hollister Biosciences and Allied Corp. partnered ona new medical cannabis brand, Tactical Relief, madewith and for veterans who might suffer from PTSD symptoms.Tactical Relief products include Libertytinctures with 1000mg of cannabidiol (CBD) and electrolyte-and CBD-packed hydration drink pouches.Are you a veteran or know a vet struggling with trauma-relatedstress and anxiety? Tactical Relief is hereto help.